Thank you for visiting Diane F Butcher Pattern Co.

Our patterns are intended for personal use by the purchaser only to sew your own garments and for gifts for your family and friends.

You may purchase our patterns and have someone make a garment for your own personal use or to give as a gift.

All of the Diane F Butcher Patterns are copyrighted and belong exclusively to me. This means that they cannot be reproduced, copied all or in part ( the patterns, designs, illustrations, and instructions) in ANY FORM unless you are given written permission to do so by me. You cannot copy the design or pattern to share with anyone.

You can not purchase any of our patterns to make any garments to sell for any amount of money. If someone wants you to make a garment using one of our patterns, they must purchase the pattern. You can then charge them for materials and construction of the garment only.

You can not copy any part of our designs or patterns to use to make any of your own designs or patterns and sell those designs/patterns or any garments made from those designs/patterns. You also can not claim any designs/patterns you have made using any part of our patterns or designs. You also can not claim any design/pattern you have made using our patterns or designs as your own (without giving credit to Diane F Butcher Pattern Co.)

It makes me so happy that you would make garments with my patterns/designs! It has taken much time and development to make these patterns/designs for you. I do everything from designing to printing to assembling these patterns and shipping them. I hope that you love them as much as I love designing them!

Thank you,
diane f butcher