swiss batiste baby booties

Baby Booties smocked on white Swiss Batiste with a variation of one of the included graphs (may be included in an update…). I had quite a time choosing the ribbon ties! I decided to use two 1/8″ double face satin ribbons tied together (about 12″ for each tie). Sweet & simple! (The blanket was knitted by my grandmother when I was born)

a smocking graph for you

pink roses

smocking graph by dianefbutcher c2019

              Thinking of dressing little ones for cooler weather & I came across this design I used to make velveteen & feathercord
bonnets, dresses & coats. It works for dropped yoke dresses as well!
The design as shown uses 25 “diamonds” to fit the rose design. 
Directions for dress adaptation are included. Would also be adaptable for smocked inserts (Smocked Romper & Dress Pattern!)
Pleat 9 rows with half spaces. Pull threads from 2 pleats on left side for seam allowance & tie off in 3’s. Count pleats to 146 & pull threads
from remaining pleats on right side & tie off. Trim excess fabric. Use 3 strands of floss for cable & trellis, 2 strands for roses & leaves.
DMC colors used- light pink #818, dark pink #776, green #504
Beginning with a down cable, cable across row 1 with light pink.
Return to row 1 with dark pink & starting with anup cable, cable
across just below first row of cables.
Beginning with a down cable on row 2 with light pink, cable 1, then 2 step trellis up to row 1 ½, cable 1, then 2 step trellis down to row 2.
Repeat across.
Beginning with an up cable on row 2 with light pink, cable 1, then 2
step trellis down to row 2 ½, cable, then 2 step trellis up to row 2.
Repeat across.
Repeat for rows 3 through 6 with light pink. Use dark pink for row 6 ½. Repeat the 2 step trellis ½ space below last row of diamonds as
Using floss to match fabric, backsmock row 1 & last row of diamonds.
For best results, use new thread for each rose & each set of leaves. See photo for placement.
With dark pink, pull up thread on left pleat of the center pleats in diamond (see photo), make 8 wrap bullion stitch. Pull thread evenly &
take thread to back on right pleat of center pleats in the diamond.
Repeat for lower petal just below first petal. With light pink pull up
thread 1 pleat to the left of center pleats. Make 12 wrap bullion stitch.
Pull thread evenly until it fits over first petals &
reaches next pleat.
Take thread to back on right 1 pleat next to centerpleats. Repeat for lower petal. Leaves are 20 wrap bullions pulled very tightly into a loop,
thread should come up & go back very close together & can be
“tacked” in place if needed using same color floss. Finished leaves will look like lazy daisy stitch.
For dropped yoke-
Tear/cut fabric for pattern chosen. Pleat at least 9 rows with half
spaces (design can be lengthened by adding more trellis rows to the design-pleat the number you will need-rose design remains the same).
Pull threads from 1-2 pleats on left side for seam & tie off threads in
Find center pleat & mark. Place yoke pattern piece over pleated piece & block to fit. If armhole edges are within smocked area, mark them
with fabric pen. Pull up threads on right side for seam allowance & tie off in 3’s. Follow instructions above for smocking cable & trellis
rows-diamonds can go from edge to edge or follow bonnet instructions for smocking centered in the front of your finished garment. Rose
design is the same. If smocking the back of dress, use
row 1 cables & bottom 3 rows of trellis diamonds, matching work at
center back when closed.    
happy smocking!              

From the Baby Booties Pattern


2015-04-02 17.56.07

ballerina view-a fast & easy smocking/sewing project for tiny toes!